Outsourced Payroll
Payroll Audit

Outsourced Payroll

Don't want to do your payroll internally? Avoid the headaches. Let us do it for you.

Simply provide us with the information for each period and we will do your payroll for you and send your employees their payslips.


1. Salary and Wage package structuring.

2. Generation of weekly, fortnightly or monthly payslips.

3. Wage packets sent to any destination in the country.

4. Electronic payslips sent directly to employees who have email access.

5. Submission of the monthly EMP201 reports (optional).

6. Generation and submission of the monthly UIF report.

7. Generation of UI-19 documents

8. Managed leave.

9. Daily system backup and recovery.

10. Statutory maintenance and legislative compliance.

Reasons to Outsource

1. Reduce operating costs as you don’t need to invest in and maintain specialist payroll software.

2. You do not need to purchase payroll stationery

3. You do not need to recruit, train & pay for specialist staff

4. Access to leading edge technology and skills

5. Statutory compliance and consistent service delivery

6. Free up internal resources for other purposes

7. Access to skilled and dedicated payroll services

8. Secure, risk free and confidential payroll environment

9. Increased flexibility and responsiveness

10. More time to focus on core business functions

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